Referentie: Gaan voor je grote droom. Groeten uit Canada!

Referentie: Gaan voor je grote droom. Groeten uit Canada!

Nadine Spitteler volgde de SuccesManagementSpel-Yoga workshop bij Langedijk Consult. Een workshop in mooie samenwerking met Myrna van Kemenade van Yogadreams.
Workshops met Het SuccesManagementSpel helpen je scherp te krijgen welke doelen je wilt bereiken én hoe je de belemmeringen overwint om die doelen ook werkelijk te realiseren.
De workshop heeft Nadine geholpen haar grote droom waar te maken. Vanuit Canada stuurde zij ons haar persoonlijke verhaal:

Hello everybody!

My father always taught his kids that failure is the worst that can happen to you. As a result I grew up being afraid to start new things, in case they wouldn’t work out well. And when I did try something new I was very hard to myself when things did not work out the way I expected them to be. So, I’ve been my biggest obstacle for many years sabotaging myself and being very hard if I failed my own (very high) goals.

A few years ago I lived in Amsterdam and I worked for a Dutch company. I didn’t get a great “end of year review” which of course was devastating after I had put so much effort, energy and time into the job. One of the goals was to improve my time management. While searching for a suitable programme I came by chance across the workshop from Miranda. Intrigued I went together with a friend. Spiced up with yoga exercises we had to go through different workshop parts defining where we want to be, what we want to do, how to get there, make a plan and identify obstacles.

In the workshop we worked together with a ‘’mate’’, to help or even push us to defining our goals, dreams and vision. At some point Miranda joined us and she went in a very soft and good way to the core of my issue(s), which till then I never questioned or really took a look at. She really opened my eyes and confronted me with what was holding me back: we should be kind to ourselves, the world is hard enough. We don’t need to beat ourselves up if it has not worked out the way we hoped or planned. Just get up and try again or try something else.

My goal at that time was to move to Canada by 2012 as I hold a residence permit through my parents. We agreed that I would send Miranda an e-mail once I arrived and settled. This was, of course, a great motivator!

Today I live in Vancouver, Canada. I don’t know how long I will stay here but for sure another year as I just signed a one year lease for my first own place ever. I have signed up for a massage course and I am going to sign up for a yoga teachers training. Moving here has opened many doors and possibilities. I met amazing people, experience new wonderful things every day. I would not be where I am today would I not have taken the chance to leave everything behind and move across the globe. I am very happy that I took this step and I am looking forward to the time ahead. I learned the worst thing ever is not failure, it is not trying at all and giving up before starting.

From Miranda’s workshop I have taken one thing with me that meant a lot and had great impact on my life. Certainly you will also find something for yourself, that will be of tremendous benefit!

Warme groet! Nadine Spitteler